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Your Social brand must be platform-specific in 2023

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Social media is an integral part of our lives, whether scrolling through TikTok for hours on end (guilty) or updating our connections on LinkedIn with a new piece of information from our industry. It’s how we network, create and share our thinking and content. But choosing the right content for the right platform can be problematic because the social media landscape is varied and there are different categories for each of the platforms we know and use. 

First, the social networking or messaging sites, platforms like WhatsApp, BeReal (and LinkedIn). Snapchat is also primarily used as a messaging platform, but it differs from others in that users primarily use photos and video rather than text. Consider these platforms if you want your consumers to be able to communicate directly with you, like starting a conversation around a common topic in your industry on a LinkedIn post. 

Discovery platforms provide content recommendations to users based on how they behave. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram go in this category. YouTube and TikTok sit here too, but also provide us with strong entertainment value. Using a discovery platform to further engage an audience you already have and attract a new likely one is a great idea for brand awareness. 

Lastly, we have discussion and blog platforms and here’s where platforms like Reddit and Twitter sit.

And then there’s Facebook, which seems like it’s trying to fit into all of these categories.

Unpicking demographics and purpose

Most people use platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family as they're easy-to-use messaging services. If you haven’t spoken to an Aunty in a little while but don’t have 10 mins to call then checking in with them on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is easy. For a social campaign objective, connecting with your audience on a more personal scale is bound to achieve great results. 

TikTok took the social universe by storm after rising to fame in 2019. Predictions for 2023 are that actionable entertainment, making space for joy, and community-built ideals will be the three key trends shaping the year. TikTok sits between both discovery and entertainment, extending your audience and making amusing content they can relate to is a great way to boost a campaign. 

Is Facebook still relevant?

The simple answer is, yes. Today, Facebook reaches a whopping 2.9 billion monthly active users and is still one of the best social media platforms for marketing. Facebook is the place to draw attention to your brand - if you want to build attention, as the average user clicks on 12 Facebook ads every month. 

Be platform specific to hit your objectives sooner

Social moves quickly, so when looking at an employer branding strategy we consider its objectives, and then what the best social media platforms are to meet them. Demographics are also an important factor to consider, TikTok and Snapchat naturally lean toward a younger audience as their highest advertising audiences are between 18-24. LinkedIn or Instagram’s highest advertising audience, for example, is between 25-34. 

In summary, there’s an opportunity to pick and choose qualities from various platforms to make things work for your campaign objective. Take what you know about your current audience and the one you’re trying to reach, think about the message you’d like to put out and then you can select the category of platform you’d like to use.

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