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A Step-by-Step Guide to Working with the 4P's in your Employer Brand

In a blog a few weeks ago, we talked about the 4Ps of Employer Branding—an adaptation of the classic 4Ps of Marketing, but focusing on the people you need to communicate with to deliver a human-centric approach.

But getting practical, how can each principle be effectively applied to your employer branding strategy?

Product in Depth

In employer branding, your 'product' is your company and the career growth opportunities you offer. Big tech, like Google and Amazon—are not just selling jobs, but promising the chance to innovate, make a difference, and be part of something big. When articulating your 'product', ask yourself, what unique experiences, learning opportunities, and career paths can your people expect? These need to be highlighted in your EB content.

People-Focused Branding

The 'people' in your branding strategy are very obviously your employees—and not just the senior leadership or the extremely photogenic. Everyone. They live your company culture and values, and their story in their words can be more convincing than any corporate message. Encouraging your people to share their experiences, whether through video interviews, quotes on your career site, or posts on their social networks is where real advocacy adds power to your EB plan. If you want to increase reach and deliver authenticity, this is the way, because it truly showcases your culture, democratises your brand and extends its reach.

Place Matters

The physical or virtual 'place' where your employees work significantly impacts your employer brand, like it or not. Perhaps the most significant business challenge after the COVID Pandemic is where people work, and why that’s best.

In, out, or hybrid, it’s all still up in the air. But we know that it’s far harder to work in a hybrid style if you’re a Teacher or a Plumber. We’re not all office-based workers with a degree of autonomy.

So, if you have a modern, eco-friendly office in a bustling city, showcase it. If your team is fully remote, highlight the tools and resources that make remote work successful, such as flexible hours, digital collaboration tools, or remote learning opportunities.

In a world where work-life integration is becoming increasingly important, sharing a glimpse of the work environment can set you apart.

Power of Purpose

Purpose—the 'why' of your company—is the foundation of your employer brand. Today's workforce, particularly the younger generations, are motivated by purpose-driven work. They want to know that their work is contributing to a larger cause.

As an EB pro, you have to find a way to clearly communicate your company's mission, its vision for the future, and how each role contributes to that vision.

4P's in Action

Applying the 4Ps should be a dynamic process, reflecting the point in the employee journey and the size, shape, position and specific challenges that exist in your unique marketing funnel. You have to figure that out, or get us to do it for you :)

- Early in the funnel, perhaps you should emphasise your company's purpose and the 'product' you offer, such as a great work environment. Later on, shift focus to your people and the benefits that make your company a great place to work. Customise your message based on the stage of the journey, keeping it relevant and engaging.

Take Patagonia, for example, the outdoor clothing company. They effectively demonstrate the 4Ps in action—showcasing their environmentally-friendly 'product', highlighting the passionate 'people' that work there, making their unique office 'place' visible, and always reinforcing their 'purpose' of saving the planet.

Wrapping up

The 4Ps of Employer Branding can offer a powerful framework for building a compelling, human-centric employer brand. By focusing on Product, People, Place, and Purpose, you can create an employer brand that not only resonates with potential candidates but also fosters employee loyalty.

We'd love to hear if and how you're applying the 4Ps to your employer branding strategy! Remember, the best employer brands are not just seen or heard, they are experienced and shared.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we'll explore further employer brand strategies and insights.

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Tom Chesterton
Tom Chesterton

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