Forget the nice guys never winning. Nice work sometimes does finish second.

Oct 28, 2019 9:15:00 AM / by Tom Chesterton

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But that doesn't always make it bad.

A few days ago we reprised a blog we wrote a few years ago. Its focus was on the success we'd had at the various awards ceremonies. We tried to tell the story of how and why we'd been quite so lucky.

You can read it here. Promise that it's not too self-congratulatory: 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out though, that for every winner there must be runners up.

Isn't it odd that these near winners are rarely celebrated? Aren't we as proud of the work we'd put forward after the ceremony - even if it placed second in an extraordinarily competitive category?

Of course we are! It could be amazing. It could take innovation to the next level, but maybe it doesn't fit in to an expected category box. It could be that the judges on that specific panel were looking for something different. It could be that - for any of 100 different reasons - the work doesn't work for them.

It's rare to see the work that actually wins at awards do's in enough detail to make a decision about the worthiness, let alone the shortlist, so we're starting a new movement. Celebrating the little guy. The seconds, thirds and non-winners. We're proud of you too. We'll remember you and celebrate our hope that others would feel the same.

As we run up to the Recruitment Marketing Awards next week, we'll look back at some of our favourite work. Work that didn't resonate with awards panels in 2018, but we still love dearly. Click the image below to see the work:

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We might, maybe, perhaps, start running our own fringe awards for the work that should get some airtime even if it doesn't tick the boxes for the judges. What do they know anyway :)

Get in touch if you agree. 



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Tom Chesterton

Written by Tom Chesterton

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